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Bob Howlett plays piano-accordion and a bit of guitar. He sings songs, mainly folk, but also from a number of other genres. As a barn dance caller he has for a decade inspired audiences to enjoy themselves on the floor at barn-dances. 'Doctor' Bob has been playing music on the folk scene for 20 years. Following early folk club appearances in 'the Great Tay Bridge Disaster', he was a founder member of 'Monkey's Fist', a band that built up quite a following playing in Brighton pubs. Bob then formed 'the Fiery Clockface', which over several years gained a favourable reputation for satisfying audiences at barn-dances and ceilidhs. In addition to band appearances, he has performed solo and in duos for folk club bookings, pub performances and festivals, and has worked as barn-dance caller for other bands.

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John Lucking plays an impressive range of instruments with enviable ability. Stringed instruments he plays include guitar, mandolin, mandola, and a number of others. He also has a repertoire of mainly french tunes he plays on the melodeon. John's playing is noted for his innovative accompaniments, thoughtful melody lines, and his incomparable ability to quickly pick up a tune and provide a solid foundation for arrangements to build on. Folk music goes pretty deep in John. He has been involved in performing in clubs and sessions as a member of a number of different bands over several decades. John builds instruments as well as playing them, having turned his hand to, for example, bowed psaltry, bell-citern and harpsichord.

Dick Warner is a noted tune-smith, who has a reputation for his inspiring melodies on flute and penny whistle. He has also been known to forsake the tune to lay down a rattling percussion line on the spoons! From time to time Dick gives proceedings a nautical flavour by blasting out sea-shanties, with all and sundry joining in the chorus. He played with 'Band from the Drawing Room', was a founder member of 'Late Night Extra', and currently plays with 'Foreman Five'. In a previous life he was Foreman (teacher) of the Sompting Village Morris for a total of six years and danced for a total of 17 years.

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Peter Cushion is the rythmn anchor-man of the band. He lays down bass lines that are rock solid, but also have flair and a dash of panache. His bass lines do not obscure the melody, but they are never boring. Pete's bass playing complements the other instruments perfectly, making Magellan's performances warm and pleasing. Although Peter is an essential part of Magellan's eclectic performances, for many years he played mainstream pop. He is as much at home playing rock as he is with folk. His immense versatility is a tremendous asset to Magellan.